The 5 Most Weird Cultures That Actually Exists.

Bride Kidnapping

Have you ever wonder that kidnapping is legal ??? yes , it’s true my friend. In Kyrgyzstan bride kidnapping is legal and they consider it as a part of their culture. This disturbing culture is followed by Roman gypsies. History is a witness of the bride’s Kidnapping and abductions culture’s.

In Kyrgyzstan, kidnapping a bride means you successfully won her heart and now you have rights to marry her. Man kidnaps her with the help of his friends and after that they asking the consent of parents. They can keep her for 4-5 days as a hostage. This bride kidnapping culture, force her to accept her kidnapper as her life partner and If she refuses, she would then never be considered for marriage again.

It’s very disrespectful for any girl to follow this weird culture. Due to this, In recently on 2018 One girl in Kyrgyzstan end her life .

Living With Dead Relatives

The preserved bodies of ancestors of the Toraja, an ethnic gathering from the mountains of South Sulawesi in Indonesia, are affectionately uncovered from their graves as part of the ancient Ma’nene festival. They practicing this ritual from thousand of years. They believe in the concept of afterlife.

After someone’s death, they warp them in new clothes and keep them at home until Funeral. They treat them as a living member of the home. The family members daily clean them with water and bring food for them several times in a day. People injected the body with a preservative called formalin.

After celebrating the funeral, the body is kept in one wooden box and buried them in the cave. If children’s died, they hang off the body with a thick rope until the rope decays and after reattached in the coffin after fall down. In the month of every August, all family members came together at the cave to take the body at home, re-change the clothes.

After Wedding, No Bathroom For 3 Days

What ??? Really ?? Yes, this funny cultured follow by Tidong community of Indonesia. They are not allowing a newlywed couple to use the bathroom for 3 days. Even a couple banned for bathing, urinating and defecating. It’s their families responsibility to ensure that the couple to use a very small amount of water. what if someone has a diagnostic problem? He He He 😉

This not the end of funny culture era, they have other cultures too. The groom isn’t allowed to see the bride’s face until he sings for her several romantic songs. When the musical requirement of both are met then curtain separating is raised.

Even after the bride isn’t allowed to leave to confined to the home on the engagement time. If grooms isn’t arrives on time then need to pay a fine [ Generally jewelry]

Wearing Neck Ring

Yes, wearing neck ring is another wired culture around the world. Traditionally followed by Karen tribe of Thailand. According to the ritual, girls have to put the brass ring around the neck from when they 2-3 years old. They Believe wearing a neck ring is indicate the symbol of beauty and more and more ring added as they grow up.

From a very long time, young girls have been bearing the pain of this culture. Initially, one brass coil adding around the neck as bones are flexible and small. More rings added for every few years as they grow up.

There are superstitions like the brass ring protect her against tiger attack. Even brass ring reduces the beauty of her to protect them against men. By using their uniqueness, they attract travelers and doing handicraft business for a living.

Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket vegetarian festival annual event celebrated by the Chinese community in Thailand. It’s considered the most extreme festival in Thailand which run for 9 days. One story states that this festival came to Phuket from China in 1825. However, piercing and self-mutilation are unique. Some believe that piercing act came from India which is performed during the annual Indian Thaipusam Festival.

During this festival, people strictly follow the vegetarian diet to Invite the god fortune. Also, people walk around the town with swords, needles and knives penetrated in the body during these 9 days They believe that by doing this god save them from bad luck.

This festival is lively, chaotic and loud. There is a bunch of people around procession while throwing crackers, The lion dance. Participants wear white cloths while mah song. Clothes and orange papers are distributed in the crowd for good luck.

It’s advisable to wear white color and avoid Alcohol, sex, strong food such as garlic, meat. People in mourning and pregnant or menstruating women are not supposed to attend the ceremonies. Throughout the celebration, The festival moves between various temple.

The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we require them.

Pat Conroy, The Lords of Discipline

On the modern time, it looks like foolishness but people believe that this weird cultural practice teaches them a meaningful lesson of life. Nowadays, if people see something weird on the name of culture, they don’t blindly follow them. They may need some good and strong reason to believe. If you have ever witnessed such kind of culture, leave your experience in the comment section.

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